AMPA has four committees that support the work of the organization:  Education and Practice; Standards and Research; Flight Physician; and Membership.  We are actively recruiting members interested in serving.  Please submit your interest by clicking the button below.


Education and Practice 

The purpose of the Education Committee of AMPA is to spearhead the agendas for the Core Curriculum section as well as the Air Medical Physician Symposium.  This includes curriculum analysis, updating and development of the current core curriculum as well as developing the yearly agenda for the Air Medical Physician Symposium. In addition, the Education Committee will be involved in the development of the AMPA Textbook “Principles and Direction of Air Medical Transport” 3rd Edition

Standards and Research 

The purpose of the AMPA standards and research committee is to review, revise and update position statements published by AMPA.  In addition, this committee is tasked to review those statements proposed by other organizations that AMPA may be asked to support. 

Flight Physician 


The purpose of the AMPA Membership Committee is to maintain and develop the membership of AMPA.  This includes recruitment of new members from other unique sources as well as being involved in the maintenance of the current membership in terms of reaching out to lapsed members and determining the reasons for a member leaving.   This role may be to reach out to “prospective” members, i.e. individuals who have registered for an AMPA product or whom have purchased a textbook but are not members. The AMPA membership committee will also vet applications for FAMPA as well as Distinguished Physician and Medical Director of the Year Awards.